Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fashion Market 2 - first sunny and warm day in Prague!

Finally the spring has decided to come to Prague and for the first time this year, you could actually enjoy being outside. With a group of friends we have decided to check the Fashion Market - a small event that takes place every year in Prague's most famous market place - Holesovice. (I went there for the first time today) It's supposed to be for the small, independent, local fashion designers so all the cloths and jewelry was hand made.
Nope, I didn't hunt anything nice :-( it was a small event and the number of things to buy was very limited. Moreover, today it was already the second day of the market so I guess all the nice cloths/accessories were already sold out.  
But, my friend was lucky and she bought a VERY VERY nice necklace, of course they were having only one piece of each so first come first served. I'll put the pic below; due to sun light it turned out gold on the pic but in reality is silver. 
The rest of the day we spent in the park enjoying the sun and Czech beer! I love spring!!!
It really is silver!!! My friend apologises for the cat's hair  on her sweater :-)
Below I'm putting couple of random pics from the event. 

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